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????? w88优德备用网站六级听力常考考点:医生对话


  I have a bad cough and my chest aches.(我咳嗽得厉害并且胸口疼。)

  I've sprained my ankle, and I've got a very bad headache.(我脚踝扭了,并且头疼的厉害。)

  I have a sore throat and a toothache.(我牙疼并且喉咙痛。)

  Do you have any appetite?(胃口好吗?)

  You need to take a blood pressure, and then have a blood test.(你先测血压,然后验血。)

  I'll have to give you a injection. After that, an urgent operation is necessary.(我先给你打一针,然后动手术。)

  We will transfer you to another hospital.(你将转院治疗。)

  Take two of these pills after meal, three times a day.(此药一天三次,每次两片,饭后服用。)

  I'll give you a prescription.(我给你开个药方吧。)

  This bottle of liquid medicine is for external application. (这瓶药水用以外涂。)


  D: Now would you lower your shorts?

  P: What's that?

  D: Just an injection.

  P: Will it hurt?

  D: Well, it won't hurt me,... There. Now, these pills.

  P: Do I need to stay in hospital?

  D: I'm afraid you have to.