国家已经开放二胎政策了,很多家里的孩子再也不是旧社会中打屁股这种方式,而更多的是疼惜,哪里还舍得下狠手教育。面对家长们溺爱孩子的态度,你是否支持呢?下面是小编整理的一篇关于2018年12月w88优德备用网站六级作文范文:溺爱孩子,文章以对比的手法将早先对待小孩的传统教育方式作为铺衬,然后以一句“however, things often go to extremes.”为转折,将话题导入主题“nowadays parents are too permissive with their children.”,以下是范文内容供大家参考与学习。


Today, few people would defend the traditional attitude to children. If you recall whathappened in old days, you would be astonished at the severe and strict education forchildren, for instance, old-fashioned spanking was common punishment for children. As a result, while the parents thus established their own authority, the poor children would never recoverfrom the dreadful traumatic experience when they grew up.

However, as you know, things often go to extremes. Nowadays, parents' confidence in theirown authority has been greatly undermined. Countless articles in magazines and newspapersand tv programmes publicize childcare. When so much over-enthusiastic advice flying about, mum and dad just don't know what to do any more. In the end, they do nothing.

So from early childhood, the kids are in charge and parents' lives are regulated according tothe needs of their off spring. When the little dears develop into teenagers, they take completecontrol. If the young people are going to have a party, for example, parents are asked to leavethe house. Their presence merely spoils the fun. What else can the poor parents do but obey?

In my mind, a child certainly needs love, and a lot of it. But the excessive pe rmissiveness ofmodern parents is surely doing more harm than good. The spread of juvenile delinquency islargely due to parental laxity. Mother, believing that her little baobao can look after himself, isnot at home when he returns f rom school, so little baobao roams the street. The dividing-linebetween permissiveness and sheer negligence is very fine indeed.


be astonished at 对……感到吃惊

traumatic 受到创伤的

things often go to extremes. 事情往往会走向极端

undermine 瓦解

juvenile delinquency 青少年犯罪

parental laxity 父母的疏忽

roam 游荡

dividing-line 分界线

sheer negligence 完全忽视