广告让人们变得个性化。举例,大量的广告标语,如“唯一的”,“特别的”,“最好的”,“不一样的”,都是在暗示人们去购买那些不那么大众化的产品来突出自我。 它阻止我们成为不同的个体,使我们成为他们想要我们成为的样子,看起来都一样。你同意或不同意吗??。下面来看看这篇预测文章吧


Nowadays, advertisements can be found everywhere in a big city such as Shanghai. They shout at us from the television screen and radio loudspeakers, wave to us from every page of the newspaper, signal to us from the roadside bi llboards all day and flash messages to us in colored lights all night.

Faced with a flood of advertisement, some people wonder whether it is necessary to have such huge sums spent on advertising. They often cite in illustration of it the attractive, but false and deceptive advertisements to which many consumers fall victim. They suggest that since advertising is an entirely unproductive industry and may even harm the customers' interests, why don't we stop advertising and use the money to reduce the price of goods? It sounds like a good idea, but they fail to notice the contribution advertising makes to our society. Because the production of a better product to compete for customers' money is the goal of advertisers, customers are thus given a chance to compare their products and get the best and cheapest one. Besides, as the advertisement can provide people with a lot of immediate and detailed information as to the availability of a certain product, or a service or a job, it makes life much more convenient. And anotber thing we mustn't forget: the fact that we pay so little for our daily newspapers and TV programs is due entirely to the money spent by advertisers.

Advertising performs such a useful service to our society that we can't imagine what would happen ifthere were no advertisements.?


?television screen电视荧光屏

loudspeakers扩音器,扬声器,喇叭( loudspeaker的名词复数 )

advertisements出公告,做广告( advertisement的名词复数 )

reduce the price减价

cheapest廉价的( cheap的最高级 )

advertisers登广告的人( advertiser的名词复数 )