[3]  有学者认为,中国表达、中国实践、中国经验、中国文化,是教育学中国话语的四个要素。带着乐观的生活态度和对信念的坚持,他毅然决然地踏上了赴美国的留学之旅。





There are many precious qualities to be a good man, and for a qualified college student, I think he should possess such qualities as honesty, ambition, and a sense of responsibility.

To begin with, honesty is the best policy. It is what a young man could rely on to establish his career and reputation. A liar might take advantage of others' trust once, but it could seldom happen again. Therefore, a qualified college student should be an honest man at least. Secondly, ambition is necessary for a young man who is in his prime to seek his dreams. As is often said, cease to struggle and you cease to live. So be ambitious and never regret. Furthermore, a qualified college student should be a man with a sense of responsibility and a man who dares to face the consequences of his own deeds. Only this kind of people could steer the ship of the economic construction in China.

To conclude, there are far more good qualities than those above. But a qualified college student should be at least honest, ambitious, and responsible.


college student大学生

honesty is the best policy诚实为上策


a young man青年男子

necessary for对…是必要的

consequences结果;?重要( consequence的名词复数 )