http://www.zoomladesign.com/w88ydbydz/v_NzUyMDc5Njk.swf 点击查看大图 <听写方式: 填写对话缺失的部分, 不用带数字序号> Lily:Ted, for the rest of our lives,we are going to be telling the amazing story of how we went to Atlantic City and got married.________ Ted:Of course I do.Let's go to Atlantic City! All:Yeah! Ted:Oh, but when we tell the story, can you leave out the part where I hesitate? Marshall:You got it. Barney:Hey, guys. Ted:Wow. A pedicure. Barney:Uh, if there were any shame in a dude getting a pedicure.I don't think there would have been a feature about it in Details magazine. Lily:We're going to Atlantic City to elope right now! Barney:Oh, congratulations, Lily.Marshall, you're getting married?What the hell? Marshall:So are you in or not? Barney:Hell, yeah, I'm in!Just... I'm almost done. Marshall:No, we got to get going to the... Lily:Well, actually, I mean...It is my wedding day,and since we're here... So we all got a pedicure and then headed down... to Atlantic City.[!--audio--]Don't you want to be in that story?Lily:泰德,在以後.我們都會一直傳說著,我們怎麼去大西洋城結婚的故事.你不想出現在這個故事裡嗎 Ted:我當然想了,讓我們一起去吧 All:好的 Ted:但是以後說起這個故事的時候,能不能把我剛才猶豫這部分省略掉 Marshall:沒問題 Barney:嘿,哥們 Ted:哇,足浴啊 Barney:如果一個男人去足浴有什麼不妥的話,我覺得也不至於成為男性雜誌上的特寫. Lily:我們現在要去大西洋城結婚 Barney:莉莉,恭喜你.马修,你要结婚?你有什么毛病啊? Marshall:去还是不去? Barney:开玩笑,我当然要去.但,等等,我快好了. Marshall:没关系,我们也来... Lily:实际上我意思是...今天是我结婚的日子,既然我们在这了 于是我们也先做个足浴,然后才去了大西洋城。