Nowadays a fashionable street scene is the buying and selling of lot tery tickets. People crowdaround either in front of big buildings or at street corners, purchasing coupons of various kinds, such as those of social welfare, sports industry and football games.

Investigations made among those "lottery citizens" show that they do it for different purposes. Some say that they play the game just for fun, others insist that they want to sponsorathletic development, still some others simply decide to try their luck.

However, I believe the aim behind the game, if fully exposed, is to make easy money, as it issaid the prize winner can get millions of yuan in an instant, which is obviously greattemptation. In my mind, lottery is much the same as gambling in nature and it certainlybrings more negative effects than positive effects, if any.

First, the overwhelming majority, being misled by earning-quick-buck mentality, areimpatient and impulsive to put their time and money into wrong investment.

Secondly, not a few people, being indulged in lottery, lose not only initiative for work but alsointerest in life.

Thirdly, some individuals, having gambled away all their money, may commit crimes.

fourthly, young people, particularly students (even pupils) may step by step become addicted tolottery and finally leave their studies. I think the cliche "reaping what one sows" is stillapplicable today and "sowing" takes time and hard work to have instant reaping is definitelyone's wishful thinking.

Last of all, since gambling and lottery both mean risking money on luck, why the former isforbidden by law and the latt er is so much encouraged?


lottery games 彩票游戏

street scene 街景

coupons of various kinds 各种彩票

social welfare 社会福利

lottery citizens 彩民

sponsor athletic development 资助体育事业的发展

try one's luck 碰运气

the aim behind the game 游戏背后的目的

in nature 性质上

ove rwhelming majority 绝大多数

earning-quick-buck mentality 迅速赚钱的思想

gamble away 赌光

become addicted to 成瘾

reaping what one sows 种什么收什么

wishful thinking 如意算盘