This week's topic: Digital Wallets? (90-110 words)

1) Share your story of using online payment apps
2) What is your attitude towards digital wallets and online payment?
3) Do you benefit from digital wallets/ online payment ? Why or why not ?
4) Anything you would like to write.


Alipay, the country`s top online payment provider, recently release its new product in which Alipay`s users can review their expenditure for the past year. The acceleration of technology exert impact on peoples` lives in all perspectives. It is undeniable that digital wallets, for instance Alipay, have gained tremendous popularity all over the China, even in inland areas. Moreover, mobile gadgets have become the mainstream vehicle for payment. According to the latest statistics, about 71% of all transactions conducted via Alipay went through mobile devices in 2016, up from 65% from the previous year.