展现全面深化改革“四梁八柱”主体框架的生动视频,反映全国人大立法工作和人民政协民主监督工作的详细数据,展示先进典型、时代楷模“群星灿烂 七星共明”的立体柱,演示中国伙伴关系网络遍布全球的多媒体产品,呈现干部队伍建设和全面从严治党的图文展板,港珠澳大桥模型,三北防护林体系建设工程(1978-2050)示意图,世界上下潜深度最大的作业型载人潜水器“蛟龙号”模型,中国自主研制的首台400马力无级变速拖拉机,强军征程扬帆远航武器装备模型……一件件实物模型、一段段视频资料、一张张图片图表,吸引了习近平等领导同志的目光。本讲座以古陶瓷为例,通过大量的研究案例,包括石器时代的陶器、北朝至隋各种类型的白瓷、宋代南方地区的外销瓷、南海一号出水陶瓷、肯尼亚曼达岛出土中国外销瓷以及其文物等,给大家展示文物材料的科技成就及其文化内涵。




This week's topic:? Cancer (90-110 words)

1) Share your story of cancer
2) Are you afraid of cancer ? Why or why not ?
3) Why more and more people are dignosed with cancer ?
4) Anything you would like to write


Cancer cannot remain unacquaintance to the public anymore. In fact, according to statistics, cancer is the second most common cause of death in US. Moreover, it accounts for 1/3 of death all over the world last year. However, cancer in early stages can be scientifically controlled to some extent and may be cured if lucky. Unfortunately, treatments for more advanced cancers, however, are farther over the horizon than anybody can see. A friend of mine, who just started her postgraduate education abroad, is diagnosed with cancer recently with few months left. God bless her.