最后,市小学数学教研员就下一步课题研究的思路、方法、探索路径等提出了若干建议,鼓励老师们在教学中关注数学思想方法的渗透,并持之以恒地去深度钻研,引领学生深度学习,促进学生核心素养的提升。  按照省委、省政府部署要求,省教育厅根据全省“10+1”新旧动能转换重大工程项目需求和产业发展布局,充分发挥专业建设指导委员会、职业教育集团、国际教育合作交流三大平台的作用,深化校企合作,培养高素质技术技能型人才,主动对接和服务全省新旧动能转换。



  A Letter to the University President

  1. 表明写信的目的: 建议提高学校的教学质量

  2. 提出具体建议, 如:改进课堂教学质量,加强培养学生的自主学习能力,举办知识竞赛以促进学习风气的改善

  3. 希望建议得到关注


  A Letter to the University President

  Dear Mr. President,

  I'm a sophomore majoring in Law. I'm writing to make suggestions on improving the education quality of our university.

  First, I think there is still much room for improvement concerning our classroom education. Some teachers just recite textbooks and their courses are boring. It's not very helpful for us. We need more interaction and communication in the classes, and we welcome more lively and practical courses.

  Second, we students need help to develop our initiative in our study. I hope our university can invite some famous people to deliver lectures to us on how to study.

  Finally, in order to get all students involved in our studies, I suggest some contests be held in the university. For example, the Department of Law can have legal knowledge contests.

  Thank you for reading my letter. I hope my suggestions will be seriously looked to.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming