1. 任何人都不能进入会议室,除非得到校长的要求。(unless)

  2. 雨和雪都不能阻止孩子们上学。(Neither… nor)

  3. 众所周知,近几年上海发生了很大的变化。(well known)

  4. 自从进入高中以来,我们在学习上取得了很大的进步。(progress)

  5. 不管他说什么,做什么,我们都不相信他。(whatever)

  6. 电脑在现代科学研究中起着重要的作用。(part)

  7. 直到现在为止,我们已经学了大约五年多w88优德备用网站。(up till now)

  8. 这支医疗队由五名医生和三名护士组成。(be made up of)

  9. 世界是由物质构成的。(consist of)

  10. 没有他的及时帮助,我不可能克服那么多困难。(but for)

  11.听到这不幸的消息,她禁不住哭了起来。(on hearing…

  12. 对学生来说,学好一门外语是必要的和重要的。(it)

  13. 李梅病了,老师决定帮他补上所缺的课。(make up for)

  14. 像那样的问题是容易回答的。(such)

  15. 为了节省钱,你可以乘公共汽车去那里而不要叫出租车。(save)

  16. 许多书籍和杂志能提供给我们精神食粮。(provide)

  17. 总的来说,酸雨是工业发展的结果。(result

  18. 小红的作文很令人满意,我肯定她的老师会对它满意。(satisfied)

  19. 我们将尽可能多地改进我们的工作。(possible)



  1. Nobody can be allowed to enter the meeting-room, unless they are invited by the headmaster.

  2. Neither rain nor snow can prevent the children from going to school.

  3. It is well known to all that great changes have taken place in Shanghai in recent years.

  4. We have made great progress in our studies since we entered the high school.

  5. Whatever he says or does, we don’t believe him.

  6. The computer plays an important part in modern scientific research.

  7. Up till now, we have studied English for about more than five years.

  8. The medical team is made up of five doctors and three nurses.

  9. The world consists of matter.

  10. But for his timely help, I couldn’t have overcome so many difficulties.

  11. On hearing the sad news, she couldn’t help crying.

  12. It is necessary and important for the students to learn a foreign language well.

  13. Li Mei is ill and her teacher decides to help her make up for the lessons she missed.

  14. Such a question as that is easy to answer.

  15. To save money, you may go there by bus instead of calling a taxi.

  16. Many books and magazines can provide us with mental food.

  17. Generally speaking, acid rain is the result of the development of industry.

  18. Xiao Hong’s composition is quite satisfactory. I’m sure her teacher will be satisfied with it.

  19. We will make as many improvements as possible in our work.

  20. Everyone knows that smoking damages people’s health.