此次入学教育活动为新生适应学习生活环境提供了有效帮助,为即将开始的大学生活奠定了良好基础。  持中国护照的被录取者无须申请签证。

  1. 他的叔叔过去住在乡下,现在住在城里。(used)

  2. 他一点也不喜欢喝咖啡,宁可喝茶。(prefer)

  3. 对学生来说,学会一门外语是多么重要啊!(how)

  4. 这件大衣值多少钱?(cost)

  5. 他把他的一生献给了宇宙飞船的研究。(devote)

  6. 你最好现在不要把坏消息告诉他。(had better)

  7. 他是一位有经验的驾驶员,他习惯于在各种各样的天气情况下开车。(used)

  8. 今晚你应该复习功课,而不应该看电视。(instead)

  9. 没有什么能阻止这孩子冒险爬那棵高树。(prevent)

  10. 妈妈很少晚上一个人出去,是吗?(seldom)

  11. 尽量用w88优德备用网站表达自己,别害怕犯错误。(afraid)

  12. 到去年底,中国的人口是多少?(population)

  13. 从广州到纽约的路是多么长啊!(it)

  14. 当我一到达机场时,飞机就起飞了。(Hardly)

  15. 这男孩洗完了脸,似乎才几秒钟。(seem)

  16. 如果你不努力学习,你不会取得成功。(unless)

  17. 无论你做什么,应尽最大努力。(Whatever)

  18. 不管这项任务多么困难,我们要尽最大的努力准时完成。(However)

  19. 虽然他是孩子,他知道怎样生活和学习。(as)

  20. 既然天好,我把所有的窗都打开了。(Now that)


  1. His uncle used to live in the country. Now he lives in the city.

  2. He doesn’t like coffee at all, but he prefers tea.

  3. How important it is for students to learn a foreign language!

  4. How much does the coat cost?

  5. He devoted his life to studying spaceships

  6. You’d better not tell him the bad news now.

  7. He is an experienced driver and he is used to driving in all kinds of weather.

  8. You should review your lessons instead of watching TV tonight.

  9. Nothing can prevent the child to risk climbing that tall tree.

  10. Mother seldom goes out alone at night, does she?

  11. Try to express yourself in English. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

  12. What was the population in China by the end of last year?

  13. What a long way it is from Guangzhou to New York!

  14. Hardly had I reached the airport when the plane took off.

  15. It seemed only seconds before the boy finished washing his face.

  16. You will not succeed unless you work hard.

  17. Whatever you do, try your best.

  18. However difficult the task may be, we will try/do our best to complete in time.

  19. Child as he is, he knows how to live and study.

  20. Now that the weather is fine, I opened all the windows.