解析:本题为地图对比题。比较一个学校不同年份的布局。总体来说图形信息并不复杂,设施的方位也比较好表达。考生在表述时,注意方位词的准确运用,“坐落于” 或者“建造”的替换以及避免句型过于重复的现象。


The map illustrates the different layouts of a school in 1985 and now.

In 1985, a car park was constructed in the north end of the school as well as a field was in the south area and they were connected by a road built in the central part. In the east side of this road, there was a two-story classroom block; in the west side, an office, a library and another car park were located.

At present, the school has changed a lot. The most noticeable is that trees are planted in the middle area and surrounded by two more classrooms, with the library replaced by a resource center and a computer room. Moreover, a part of field is cleared to make way for a pool and a fitness center. The car park north of the school remains but its size is smaller, surrounded by a wider road.

Overall, it can be seen that more facilities have been constructed in the school and the population has risen from 1500 to 2300.



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In many countries today, people buy a range of household goods ( television, microwave, oven and rick cookers) Is it a positive or negative development?




paragraph 1 :结合时代背景引入话题且表明自己的观点。

paragraph 2: 论述网络购物的优点。(分为买家和卖家两个层面)

paragraph 3: 论述网络购物的缺点。(分为买家和实体商家两个层面)

paragraph 4: 总结上文论点,强调自己的观点以及如何避免缺点。


In contemporary society, most families are capable to afford home appliances such as television, microwave, oven and so on. It is generally accepted that those technological goods have brought great convenience to our life although they do generate negative effects on environment.

In terms of merits of using domestic appliances, the most obvious is that people’s quality of life has been boosted. Take TV as an example; watching TV is a preferable means of relaxation for people to spend their leisure time and release stress, with amusing programs, entertainment news as well as soap operas shown on the screen. Another case is that the application of microwave, oven and rock cookers in the kitchen saves housewives from heavy housework and even assists them in cooking delicious meals efficiently. Furthermore, consumers’ demands for electric appliances stimulate the development of manufacturing industries, which creates more job opportunities and bring the government increasing tax revenue.

However, it must be admitted that the worldwide use of household appliances inevitably contributes to environmental degradation. To commence with, in an attempt to maintain these devices function, a great amount of electricity has to be consumed, which is largely generated from fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum. In the long run, the scarcity of natural resources will become a tough issue for human beings. In addition, harmful gas emission is another big concern. As a matter of fact, in the use of fridge and air conditions, Freon (a kind of chemical gas) is emitted into air, leading to the destruction of ozone layer.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, it is a positive development that people can purchase various electric appliances. However, environment-friendly technology should be adopted in its production to protect environment.



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