Say No to Temptation

We are living in a world full of temptations. Due to lack of experience and determined will, many people cannot discriminate right from wrong and make bad decisions. For example, some students wallow in internet and lose themselves. Finally, they abandon their studies and ruin their future. Such things are horrible.

As the saying goes, good habits result from resisting temptation. For us college students, it is particularly important to say no to temptation and form good habits. To achieve this, firstly, distinguish between right and wrong. Stay away from adverse temptations such as smoking and playing computer games. Secondly, it is necessary to have a long-term program, in other words, a dream. Once we have a dream, we will be conscious that our time is precious. Then we could have a strong will to say no to temptations and focus on meaningful issues. At last, in face of temptations, encourage yourself and refuse self-indulgence. Awards can be given yourself if you successfully resist a temptation. Meanwhile, good habits are formed in this process.

Only by resisting adverse temptations and developing good habits can we achieve happiness and success. Otherwise, we would pay a heavy price.