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2015年12月 CET-4写作答案

The Importance of Being Participants in Life

Nowadays it is common to encounter a scene when people want to see things happen but can't make things happen for various kinds of reasons. Sometimes, they just refuse to be the change in the world.

As far as I am concerned, we should all have the notion of being the participant in our life. For instance, one can't have a healthy body by merely watching others take regular exercises. He must strengthen his body through his own efforts. Another case is that when people intend to acquire new skills, such as public speaking skill, they need to catch every opportunity to speak in the public so that they can achieve success. Furthermore, there are changes we want to see in the world, like protecting the environment effectively, and the only way to make a difference is that each of us should be a contributing participant.

In conclusion, let's go out there to make things happen, just as the saying goes: "Be the change you want to see in the world."