他表示,研究生院将全力支持,积极配合,做好本次新增博士硕士学位授权点申报工作。  此外京津冀三地团组织还共同举行了“来挑战吧”首都大学生户外挑战邀请赛、京津冀青年创业项目落地洽谈会、京津冀晋蒙青年环保公益创业大赛、京津冀应急志愿者防火防灾联训、京津冀北京应急志愿者大练兵等活动。

The Annual Chinese Speech Contest for Foreigners was held in Changsha this year. The contest was proved to be a good way to promote cultural exchanges between China and other regions all over the world. It provides an opportunity for young people around the world to understand China better.

A total of 126 players from 87 countries gathered in the capital of Hunan province to participate in the semi-final and the final from July 6th to August 5th.

Competition is not the only activity. Players also have a chance to visit famous and historical attractions in other parts of China.